What is Subfix ?

SubFix allows you to synchronise easily ".srt" subtitle files with the audio track of the corresponding movie. You don't need to fiddle with video frame-rates, delays, etc. all this on a beautiful cocoa interface !

Synchronisation delays can be constant over time, for this, you just need to adjust the delay once, you can do this in VLC media player for example, by pressing the "h" or "j" keys. But if you feel the need to use these keys often, it means that the delay grows with time, SubFix is the answer for these problems ! All you have to do is indicate the precise timing of two separate subtitles, Subfix will interpolate for all the other subtitles in the file.

Feature List
  • Native Cocoa Interface.
  • Simple method for fixing out-of-sync subtitles.
  • Loads ".srt" files.
  • Search tool.
  • Easy handling of encoding problems.
New version 1.11 (04/01/09)
  • Much improved handling of text encodings
  • Various bug fixes
  • 1.11 Tiger compatible again !
  • 1.11 Line endings bug fixed

Download SubFix 1.11

See SubFix Help